Random musings on farm protests

Impressed with  resilience, organization and spirit of community service  at the farm protest sites , I wrote the piece in early January . The piece was in pipe line , when 26 January happened.

This is an  edited  piece published in a prestigious registered online portal with strict rule that the article cannot be reproduced , hence posting the link of the website. 


National Happiness: Determinants and Measurements

Traditionally growth has been interpreted in terms of GNP. For decades economists focused on income related measures but the experience of many third world countries in 50s, 60s and 70s, led to disenchantment with GNP as a measure of growth. Despite achieving growth targets many developing countries could not improve living standard of their people.  Continue reading “National Happiness: Determinants and Measurements”

The Elusive Civic Sense

Deeply entrenched in my memory is a cover story published decades ago in now defunct, ‘The Illustrated Weekly of India’ of which I was an ardent reader in my youth. Columnist and scholar Khushwant Singh, then editor of the weekly, wrote in his inimitable, no-holds-barred style as to how Indians were the dirtiest people in the world. I won’t dare make such a statement but ……… Continue reading “The Elusive Civic Sense”

Research Emphasis in colleges: A case of Misplaced Priorities

With the pressure mounting on the college teachers to accumulate points under Career Advancement Scheme; the joy of teaching seems to have been lost. The teachers are being haunted by API (Academic Performance Indicators) based PBMS (Performance Based Appraisal system). Teaching, where the focus should be, has taken a back seat as a result of ‘research mania’ gripping the college faculty. Continue reading “Research Emphasis in colleges: A case of Misplaced Priorities”

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