Retired but not tired

Retirement is not a bolt from the blue. You know the exact date when you are going to retire and hence have all the time to prepare yourself for the D-Day. Yet, when the time comes it is not easy.

There is no denying the fact that retirement brings a sort of upheaval in life – stoppage of the monthly salary; loss of position and also your routine. At a time when you are struggling with  ‘empty nest syndrome’, superannuation hits you like a double whammy. For a working woman you had no time for yourself, juggled between home and work trying to strike a balance between the two, and after retirement you have all the time. The sudden change in gear –from a ‘hectic schedule’ to a ‘laid back routine’ can initially be difficult to handle.  Also, with superannuation comes the ‘senior citizen tag’, not very flattering. All these years you may have been able to camouflage the tell tale signs of ageing but retirement bares it all, making it to be a public proclamation of your age. Everyone must accept that old age is a reality but definitely not a pleasing actuality.

With the improvement in the longevity and quality of life, sixty is being called the new age forty. Seems unjust that you are expected to press the ‘pause button’ and go into ‘slow mode’ when you are robust enough to work. But I will be selfish if I plead a case for increasing the retirement age. I am well aware of the fact that if I hang around in the job for a longer period, it will be at the cost of younger generation desperately looking for jobs. Their need for jobs is definitely more than mine.

Ever since I acquired ‘just retired’ status a couple of months ago; I have been flooded with advice from my well wishers, friends and relatives on how best to spend the retired life. A well meaning retired neighbour suggested, “Go slow. Don’t be in a hurry to finish your task.” When all through your life you have been rushing, suddenly doing the things at leisure pace doesn’t seem easy.  “Vyasth raho(Be busy), Mast raho ( be happy )” is another piece of  advice coming from an experienced colleague. Her mantra for a happy and healthy retired life is activity-to keep oneself busy and occupied. From a myriad of suggestions pouring in from different quarters, I have to decide what makes me happy – an active life or a laid back life style.

As I chalk out a   post-retirement schedule for myself, the news of Amitabh Bachchan turning 75 and still going strong drives my retirement blues away. With redoubled energy, I look for post retirement activities and engagements to keep myself fruitfully busy. After all, I am retired but not tired.

Published in Hindustan Times  Spice of life column) on Nov. 16, 2017

It has been four years since I retired . To know what I feel now , you may read the post. ://


20 Replies to “Retired but not tired”

  1. Lovely write-up mam..I can too relate it and suddenly I anticipate my retirement and relate to your feelings..I don’t know what will time bring at that time…

    Stay happy and healthy mam…love always 😊

    1. It is always better to keep busy schedule irrespective of the age tag.I obtained volantree retirement in Sept 1983 and kept busy in Pvt organizations till 2011.Now the busy schedule is shifted to an other but more important task, practically having no time to spare.BE BUSY AND STAY HAPPY

      1. Uncle, you have always led an active and disciplined life. In fact, you have been a source of inspiration for all of us.

  2. Ma’am U’ve always set an example to live life in a very ‘active’ and a ‘smart’way especially for me .
    May this next phase of your life gives you all that you seek and more.

  3. You may have retired from the institutionalized teaching , but we have plenty to learn from you even now ma’am:) So you will never ever retire from the absolutely invaluable role you have always played in lives of we students will forever be our mentor, a pillar of support, a role model in every way and our guiding light !:) May you have wonderful, fulfilling, healthy years ahead ma’am!:) Looking forward to long conversations and reading more of your writings ma’am! Love and Regards!

    1. Mridul ,u have always been close to my heart , first as a wonderful student and then as a valuable colleague.
      Loving wishes

  4. Although I have been taught by you just for 3 months … this was unforgettable and Truely I never got an opportunity to be studied by such a great teacher…Ma’am you are always missed..I wish you were there with me till I completed my graduation..
    You are a great teacher ma’am.

  5. Rama ma’am you are a true source of inspiration for all of us !
    We all really miss you and still recall about the time spent with you 😘
    Will always remember the things taught by you ☺️
    I just want you to know that you are the best teacher
    You simply stand among the rest
    Please accept my gratitude for everything you did for me
    I feel so blessed to have an amazing teacher like you in my life.
    Thank You💖

  6. Ma’am you have always inspired and encouraged your students to do more … are a true role model to a lot of us. When I started to teach myself, I wanted to as good as you are. Hopefully my students will also remember me just the way I will always remember you. You are my favorite mentor and I feel blessed to have you in my life………may God bless you with all the happiness in life.

  7. So sweet of you , Navneet!
    The kind of commitment and sincerity that you have , I am sure, you are a wonderful teacher.

  8. I never get a privilege to get an experience of ur teaching but Many of my friends they studied from u and whenever we discussed about economics they used to say, “Rama ma’am ki class lga ke dekho.. Fir dekhna economics se pyar ho jayega.” I still remember the day when I talked with u regarding my doubts.. It was such a wonderful experience and most importantly I got satisfied from ur answers. I know the graduation has been completed but I really wish I could get the privilege to study from u. Your way to see things is wonderful.. U are right! Retirement is not only about relaxing but it’s a time for adventure.

  9. Wow what an avlanche of appreciation bordering on adoration. It’d a brilliant article Rama. Count me too as one of your fans. As a teacher I always had challenging goals set for myself. Good students were always welcome but my eyes were always set on the weakest.I found them more interesting to work on.Although that was in another life but
    I still feel very happy to hear that even today students rever good teachers.
    You are a thinking woman Rama and I respect thinking woman.It’s a pleasure to go through your articles.keep going

    1. Ranjanaji, I am overwhelmed! I am so happy that you find my articles worth reading.
      In our own humble way we all try to do whatever best we can .
      Believe me ,students are so lovable and impressionable…

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