My flirtations with writing….


My flirtations with writing began when I started writing ‘letters to editors’ for National Dailies. Slowly, I graduated to writing articles for lesser known newspapers. I was thrilled when my first Middle was published in a reputed National Daily in 2008 which, I considered to be a major break. Ever since then, off and on my articles have been appearing in various news papers.

Despite being a freelance contributor for the past few years, I continue to be on a shaky wicket, not sure about the fate of my piece- whether it will be accepted or consigned to a dust-bin. As soon as I mail an article for publication, an agonizing wait begins.  Fear of rejection haunts me giving me anxious moments. I feel dejected when I get a regret mail. There is not to reason ‘why’ but to accept the editor’s verdict. There is no appeal in this court, the judgment is final. I try to comfort myself, thinking that there may be many, who write better than me, have more interesting anecdotes to share and fascinating stories to tell, yet their writings go  unnoticed and unpublished.

Howsoever hard I try to console myself, the rejection blues refuse to go away. If a rejection mail depresses me, a simple acknowledgement of my piece sends me to cloud nine. Suddenly I find my confidence surging, self esteem going up. I feel motivated. With redoubled energy I sit down to write another article.

Seeing my name in the print gives me a kick. My ego gets a boost, heart swells in pride to see the fruit of my labour in print. Excitedly I go through the piece. My happiness level takes a roller-coaster ride, swinging between jubilation and despair depending upon how gently, or if I may use the term, mercilessly the article has been edited. My happiness soars high when there are least cuts and changes made in the article but takes a down turn when I find the title changed, sentences altered and paragraphs modified. Invasive editing by overzealous editors gives me jitters. With the idea behind the piece gone for a toss, and essence lost, I wonder, “Oh my God! Is it the same piece that I wrote?” I wish I can make this appeal o the editor , “It is my article. Please be gentle with the editing and handle it with care.”

Earlier when I conceived a piece; gave words to the idea, I was never sure if it would see the light of the day and in what form the write-up will appear in print. All this is past now. Thanks to Vipul, my son, who has created a blog for me Ever since I have become a blogger, there are no rejection blues. Now I love the freedom  I enjoy in giving wings to my ideas and flight to my imagination. Also, I have  the privilege to interact with so many readers.


(Published in Momspresso on 30  July 2019)



5 Replies to “My flirtations with writing….”

  1. Ya. But u gotta admit that u are still from the newspaper era..
    An article on the blog doesn’t give you the same kick as an article on Newspaper!!

    1. yes, you are right Vipul !No wonder all the articles in the blog are the published pieces. Thanks to you that now I have a blog that not only allows me to share my articles with my friends and provides a platform to interact with them .

  2. Madam, I visit your blog frequently where I can read your views and experiences, even though I am far away from you.Earlier google search was the only option to read your published articles.

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