Even the darkest night will end and the Sun will rise

Half of the world is under lockdown. Ghost towns, deserted streets, closed markets and quiet roads are the new norm. A micro-organism, the novel corona virus, Covid 19 has brought almost the entire world to stand still.  Business has come to grinding halt. Global economy is in ICU.  One virus has shaken the world bringing the entire world to its knees.

What, we felt, could happen only in fiction is now a reality, more chilling than the fiction. There had been epidemics in which thousands of people perished, but that was in the realm of distant past. Plague, cholera, malaria, small pox, influenza, yellow fever used to be the mass killers. In recent years there have been outbreaks of Encephalitis, Avian flu, Swine flu, Zika virus, Nipah virus and other diseases like Ebola killing hundreds of people. But this one is unprecedented; the outbreak of the novel corona virus is unmatched in scale, speed and spread covering all the continents except for Antarctic, spreading to almost every country, big or small, rich or poor, developed or developing. The sheer scale is unnerving. Covid 19 has caused unspeakable misery.

India is in complete lock-down. We are in house-arrest, confined to the four walls. Getting holed-up in houses can really be stressful, frustrating and depressing. In these testing times, let us make peace with the isolation. Social distancing, but definitely not emotional distancing! We can’t meet our loved ones, but can stay connected on phone or through social media. While other things are locked down, our creativity, our imagination is not. We can indulge in hobbies, dabble in creativity or rustle up something new in the kitchen. We can play indoor games; spend time in reading and writing. While for many it is a problem of plenty, how to while away time during home quarantine, it is a challenging time for most Indian women belonging to the middle class who are stressed in the absence of domestic help. Everyone in the family must pitch in to do the household chores.

Instead of cribbing about our house arrest, we must spare a thought for the underprivileged, marginalized sections of the society, the daily wage-earners – lakhs of people who have lost their livelihood. We must realize how privileged we are to have the comfort of home. We ought to be grateful that we are well stacked with groceries; that we have little to worry about food or money. Let us count our blessings, live in gratitude, value more and complain less.

If the virus is infectious, panic is no less contagious. It may lead to paranoia of pandemic scale. Let the faith rule over fear. It is the faith that will make it easier for us to sail through the crisis. The situation is grim right now, the scenario is depressing, but, no matter how difficult the situation is, this too will pass, humanity will survive. Together we will fight it out and defeat Covid 19. After all, it not for the first time that the world has faced epidemics and come out of crisis. The positive news is China, the epicenter of the outbreak, has been able to control it and is heading towards normalcy. Scientists all over the world are working hard to develop vaccination and medicine for the disease. The fact that in 80% of the cases symptoms are mild/ moderate requiring no hospitalization gives a lot of hope. Let us not be bogged down by the numbers of infected persons, but also consider thousands who have recovered.

It is time to remember, if winter comes, spring cannot be far away. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.  To quote Victor Hugo from Les Misérables “Even the darkest night will end and the Sun will rise.”

And when we come out of the crisis, hope the man is gentler and more humble than before.


(Published in Momspresso on April 1, 2020)

36 Replies to “Even the darkest night will end and the Sun will rise”

  1. Rama dear you are so expressive . We also feel the same but writers like u can pen down thoughts into beautiful story . Excellently woven thoughts . Well done Rama ! . Keep it up . I really enjoy your writings

    1. Thank you so much Mrs Luthra. There is nothing new in the article ,I have just woven my thoughts into a piece. I am glad you liked.

    1. Very nice, we should really count the blessings of God on us and should not grumble, this time will soon be over, let us pray

  2. Very nicely penned down article describing the implications of the unprecedented situation. We are feeling the punch as unlike bubonic plague times or times when other viruses played havoc , we are living through this one . With lockdown in place it will definitely help contain the spread of virus but people are feeling claustrophobic. With restrictions on whatsapp sharing several groups have closed down. Situation is grim . Immunisation is the only way out . Hope scientists come up with vaccine for this one soon ! Keep writing. Best wishes!

    1. Yes Vini,there have been epidemics in the past, but never imagined we would ever be facing such a crisis of gigantic scale .Situation is grim right now but let’s hope and pray for the darkness to end.

  3. Indeed a great thought . Hard reality of life. Nature have its own ways to tell mankind about life and joys along with sorrows. Let us pray to Almighty 🙏 to bless all. There is great power in prayers

    1. Yes Neelam ,there is great power in prayer.It is the faith and hope that helps us maintain our sanity in this turmoil.
      And nature has demonstrated how insignificant man is!Man boasts of conquering space, but a micro-organism has shown how fragile man is.

  4. Almighty bless U dear Rama ! Well expressed & written beautifully . Believe lord will bless & bestow upon His mercy on every human being world wide .

    1. Thanks Bhaiya for reading the piece, and the for your encouraging comments. Wish and pray for the well-being and safety of everyone.

  5. Very well written article Ma’am. We need to be positive during these dark times and pray that we return to normalcy soon.

    1. Thank you so much . True , it is important to maintain positivity. Faith and hope will make it easier for us to tide over the crisis.Wish I knew whom I was conversing with .

  6. Very well written. Time keeps on changing. Trust one day dark will disappear and light will emerge. Every thing comes in right time. Whatever He does, does for the best.

    1. Thanks Jijaji. We have no choice, but to bow before the wishes of the almighty.May be all this to teach a lesson to the mankind..

    1. Thanks Suman . Man mein hai vishwaas pura hai vishwaas , ham hon ge kamyaab …A
      You are a medical practitioner, what is your take as a doctor?

  7. Its such a beautiful write up maam, reality based yet hopeful, We can once again realize our meaningful engagements, savor moments, live mindfully and revisit our divine ” self” . I really wish that each one of us could embrace this gracefully and stay peaceful, patient and positive. Its need of the hour!

    1. Thanks dear for reading the piece and leaving a comment. Yes Akanksha, it is important to stay, calm and positive.

  8. Well written Rama. In times of crisis your creative skils are giving hope & motivation to all the readers.

    1. Thank you so much Pamela. Encouragement of friends means a lot. It is not that we don’t know, but sometimes we tend to forget .I wrote the piece to have a better perspective of the situation myself. U may have noticed how I moved from from gloom to hope. There is definitely hope.

  9. Indeed very well scripted. Human race is going through a testing times. This phase will also pass with faith n trust. This is going to teach many valuable lessons to humanity.

    1. Thank you so much Uma .You have put across your point so beautifully in a concise manner.Yes , so much to learn from the crisis…Nature has taught it is supreme….

  10. A very well written article.
    In the years 2019-2020, the winter was very harsh not permitting the kitty parties to be held in the park.But when the spring came it brought Corona virus with it which made the people confined to their homes.We still are very privileged that we have our homes and money,I pity those poor people who don’t have a roof and no money to buy food not to talk about soap and water to wash their hands which is necessary to protect yourself from this disease.The Govt. is doing quite a bit but it is not sufficient the number of people who have come on the roads without any job or savings.Hope we will be able to tackle this disease soon.
    The only silver lining is clear atmosphere and clean water in our rivers.

    1. Thank you so much Mrs Rahi. You hare right we are definitely privileged to be living in our homes, with little worry about money or food. There are lakhs who have lost their livelihood, have no saving to bank upon.
      Hope the crisis ends soon .

  11. Very encouraging article Rama. These days when we all are prisoners of covid 19 whole day listining how many are dead and how many are expected to die, unemployment and hunger makes picture more gloomy,at this juncture your positive approach full of hope is admirable thanks once again

    1. Thanks Mrs Behl . Indeed a honour to me that not only you read the post but also found it positive .Yes, this will also pass..

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