Never too late to live it up

‘Girlie gang’ sounds funny for retirees, but this is how we tend to behave when we get together. Retired, we are from the college but certainly not tired. After all, there is much more to life than an active work schedule. We may not be young enough to work, but definitely not old to renounce a vivacious life.

Instead of interfering in the life of our children, we prefer to live life on our own terms. That doesn’t mean we don’t miss our children. In fact, most of us are grappling with ‘empty nest syndrome’ as our children have taken flight in pursuit of their careers and made their own cozy nests. Of course, it is gratifying as parents to see children happily settled and doing well in life. Most certainly we miss them, their home-coming is a celebration, the whole house lights up with their presence but we value our own space as well.

Not that we had any idea of privacy and independence when we were children. Growing up in middle-class families with two-three siblings, sharing a room and having a common toilet for the entire family, the concept of privacy was alien to us. But having had the taste of our own space, most of us are not ready to bargain for it. We love to visit our children but like to the come back to our own nest.

Senior citizen status doesn’t stop us from leading a life full of zest. Despite health issues, we try to keep ourselves physically and socially active, engage ourselves in meaningful activities and hobbies. We have our reunions, get-togethers and kitties to keep us happy and engaged. We dress up in style and make a conscious effort to look elegant. With tell tale signs of aging, we may not look young but definitely not feel old. At monthly retirees’ meet, we are no less than a ‘girlie gang’, laughing, giggling, taking selfies and posing for photographs. The atmosphere is electric when the ‘young oldies’ meet.

It has been more than a year since we had our monthly meet. Covid-19 has put a stop to it but we have vibrant WhatsApp group to keep us connected and charged. From early morning cheery messages to thought provoking solemn posts and preachy messages, we have it all. There are witty one-liners, jokes to keep us amused and also audios and videos of old melodies to remind us of our youth. Last year during the lockdown, every day we had quizzes and puzzles in the group to keep us mentally busy. The enthusiasm was palpable in the group as we tickled our brain cells, hurried to come out with the answers. Thanks to social media we stayed connected, though not physically but remained emotionally bonded. A huge support in trying and testing times!

This is an exceptionally challenging time, but this too will end. To quote Victor Hugo,” Even the darkest night will end and the Sun will rise.” We will meet again with gay abandon- carefree and mask-free to celebrate the dawn of a Covid free-world.

( Published in THE TRIBUNE as MIDDLE on June 3, 2021)


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12 Replies to “Never too late to live it up”

  1. Rama it was such a pleasant reminiscences of Girlie Gang formed after our retirement from the college Those were our best moments ever spent together before Lockdown than enjoying quizzes on any topic from maths problems to naming saris of every state Hidden talents of many came out from Salad Chemistry to poems writings not to miss vibrant blogs of Rama during lockdown now after lockdown plans to fly down to our children and have fun with grandchildren and enjoy our monthly get togethers of fun and frolic. Love your lucid style writing always Rama

    1. Thank you so much Mrs Chopra .I loved reading your detailed account of our activities- whether our lovely meets before the pandemic or on-line bonding during the lock-down.Yes, we have tried to keep ourselves positive in this challenging time.
      Hope the situation is back to normal soon. Wish you a gala time with your children and grandchildren .

  2. To keep connected and be always vibrant and charged even in Covid times– that truly is the challenge and as rightly spelled out by you — the girlie gang has truly faced it. Beautifully expressed and motivating, the article published as the middle in the Tribune; persuades one to savour life even in unfavorable times.

  3. Dear Rama.
    Your writings are the pictures of the facts of day to day life .One does not get old to retire but be strengthened with experience
    One retires if feels so.
    Keep the Tampo up always irrespective of age

    1. Uncle , your words are no less than a blessing. So motivating, so positive your words are …one gets strengthened with experience.
      Uncle, you are an inspiration for the family -leading such an active disciplined life.

  4. Wonderful mam. You are always so realnin writing. As a reader, it’s delighted to be reading your articles. God bless. Thanks n yes the sun ☀️is shining n we will all be mask free. All we need is that hope to be alive.

    1. Thanks Deepika . Delighted to hear from you. Yes ,with faith and positivity we will tide over the crisis.

  5. My sentiments exactly so beautifully expressed through you. Talking about personal space, age defyingly young spirit and the zest for life despite our boundless love for our children is the new characteristic of the present age ever young senior citizens. And I think our children are also equally proud of their independent parents. Beautiful article, simply loved it.

    1. I am glad the article resonated with you.Thank you so much.I like the expression ‘age defying young spirit and the zest’ .
      You are a wonderful writer .. Can’t wait any longer to read your ‘Staff Room Story’.

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